Kitchen cabinet, table, chair and shelves made of Steel and wood

Kitchen cabinet, table, chair and shelves made of stainless steel and wood.

The  kitchen cabinet/island bench is just finished and installed and is made of stainless steel in smooth sweeping curves  with a blend of contemporary, modern and Art Nouveau lines.  The timber bench top is Jarrah while the sides are furniture grade hardwood plywood.  On the front are laminate (Laminex*) drawers with soft close runners and stainless steel loop handles.

The dining table which normally seats six but can seat eight has  a wrought, bent and welded steel base with a solid single piece red-gum top.

The dining chairs are stainless steel with an upholstered base.  All sleek elegant lines but not overly fussy.

The lampshade is stainless steel with ostrich feathers to give a soft diffuse light with lovely texture, whether on or off.

And the shelves are laminated glass with curved stainless steel supports.

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Photos by Ian Hill.