Koi Fish Pond Cover

Koi Fish Pond Cover for the Joss House in Bendigo Just completed and installed a cover for the Koi pond at the Joss House in Bendigo.  With a bamboo motif and made of marine grade stainless steel, aviary mesh to stop birds and cats going fishing, and some shade cloth for summer time shelter.  About 3m across. […]

Armillary Sphere

Armillary Sphere. Commissioned as a memorial for my customer’s husband. It was designed to have a fairly tough construction to be able to survive the rigours of being installed in a public space.  It was made of out of marine grade stainless steel and will ultimately be mounted on a stone plinth by the stone masons.

Giddy Pirouette kinetic sculpture

Giddy Pirouette kinetic sculpture. Kinetic sculpture by Alex Sanson, 2011. Originally installed at the Stockroom Gallery, Kyneton, Victoria for The Delicate Equilibrium of Being exhibition, 2011. Steel, bearings, beeswax and linseed oil. 1.35 x 0.6 x 1.0m variable and approximate. Thanks to James McArdle & Lorena Carrington for photos and video. Edited by and copyright […]

Distant Ripple YouTube

Distant Ripple YouTube video Finally a video of the Distant Ripple kinetic sculpture Distant ripple was inspired by recent discoveries/confirmation (since disproved – ahem, oops) of gravity waves emanating from the briefest moments after the Big Bang. And this got me thinking of these colossal forces acting from unimaginable distance and time, so attenuated in […]

Trellis photos from customer

Trellis photos from customer A past customer just sent me these photos.  I designed and built a sculptural garden screening trellis type structure to block out the neighbour’s addition overhanging their garden.  Always nice to see some pics now that they’ve got some creeper’s established on them! “We love them esp the rustic look! -Heather”   […]

Movie of Small Revolutions sculpture

Movie of Small Revolutions sculpture Just uploaded a movie of the rolling ball sculpture! Currently set up at Lot 19 gallery in Castlemaine, come and see it in the next few weeks! Thanks to Ben and Ben of Deep Fried Dub for the soundtrack.  Please check out their awesome music here: deepfrieddub.com   Originally commissioned […]

New kinetic sculpture for Maitreya Festival!

New kinetic sculpture for Maitreya Festival! Very excited to have been commissioned to create another new work, a grand kinetic, mechanical piece! Still under development, but this here is part of my submission and  is  the core of the idea: “So I propose a large free-standing piece about 6m high.  Starting as an intricately patterned, […]

Lot 19 Play show opening tomorrow

Lot 19 Play show opening tomorrow! I’m part of this group show, Play, come on down, should be great! (at Lot19 gallery lot 19 Langslow street, Castlemaine) ‘play’, the final of a series of three exhibitions about arts practice, “play” is a chance for our highly skilled artists to have some fun, to break the mold […]

Lot 19 Spring Sculpture Show – won Tonks Prize!

Lot 19  Spring Sculpture Show – won Tonks Prize! Entered my work, Distant Ripple in the annual Lot 19 Spring Sculpture Prize.  And won the Tonks sculpture prize.  So glad you liked it and thanks for your support, Tonks Building Supplies in Castlemaine! Thanks too to Mark Anstey for assistance in setting it up and […]

Horsham Art Gallery exhibition opening

Horsham Art Gallery exhibition opening Very glad to have been invited to be a part of Regional forces, an exhibition at Horsham Regional Art Gallery, opening next Friday, the 2nd of May. Showing 2 pieces, one existing, Giddy Pirouette, see here and one new piece, Distant Ripple made especially for the show.  Both kinetic, interactive sculpture, […]